... i smell you

11.27.2006 // 6:04 pm


At this point, Coal has decided to just pretend our breakup never happened...

Coal: :-)

Macdiva: i c u smilin. u happy

Coal: Maybe

Coal: Damn you smell good
Coal loves my perfume. He claims to smell me anytime he enters a room I've been in. When we first started, he would go out and get his lunch and, after I had gone home for the day, he would eat in my room so he could smell me. I didn't think he still did that.

Macdiva: Huh?

Coal: U read it

Macdiva: I read it but i don't think i wore anything today

Coal: I smell u sexy

Macdiva: ok. if u say so.

Coal: It make me horny

Macdiva: Hmmm... Maybe you should crack a window

Coal: Maybe I need to crack that ass

Macdiva: what! u fresh! =-O

Coal: 4 u yes. So sexy

Macdiva: hush coal

Coal: ok, wet n wild


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