... i am me, right?

06.26.2003 // 12:10 pm


Well... I have good news and what could be potentially bad news (i'm not sure yet).

The good news is that Cali's job is keeping him here until next Wednesday which means I don't have to kill myself worrying about tonight. We'll hook up over the weekend and it'll be all good. No more Thursday night conflict.

The bad news though, is that my "future husband" really doesn't seem, to me, to be as excited about this date tonight as I am. In fact, he hasn't even called me since he asked me out. I find that a little wierd. Sure, we did make definitive plans to see each other today, but you'd think we'd have at least one convo before hand, to work out logistics or something, no? (Am I being anal? I do that sometimes. You can tell me. It's okay.)

So... my fear is that he will stand me up tonight. I won't know until it happens though because I refuse to call him and ask if we're still on for tonight. (I have issues with openly sweating people.) So, there you have it...

From two dates on a Thursday night to, possibly, no dates on an Thursday night. Dang. Should I even be surprised?

I am me right?



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