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01.16.2004 // 4:15 pm


MD (2:53:16 PM): lemme ask you something....

MD (2:53:36 PM): why is it, you think, i continue to say we will never have sex again?

DC (2:54:05 PM): cuz you dont wanna believe it

DC (2:54:10 PM): you dont wanna believe how you feel for me

DC (2:54:16 PM): and knowin how sex ties into your feelins

DC (2:54:28 PM): if you can deny the sex

DC (2:54:34 PM): somehow you can deny how you feel

MD (2:54:36 PM): so ur thinkin i dont want to admit how i feel about you???

DC (2:54:38 PM): no you dont

DC (2:54:42 PM): cuz i'm a man

DC (2:54:44 PM): and men are evil

MD (2:54:53 PM): ur a funny guy

MD (2:54:55 PM): lol

MD (3:04:44 PM): i'm serious tho

MD (3:04:49 PM): what's the reason

DC (3:04:52 PM): you know you cant go back

MD (3:04:53 PM): um...word?? that's ur final answer?

DC (3:05:51 PM): i really think you say no cuz you dont wanna have nuffin to do with me

DC (3:05:56 PM): cuz this dude

DC (3:06:01 PM): that lives 400 miles away

DC (3:06:06 PM): talked his way into your heart

DC (3:06:11 PM): w/o any game

DC (3:06:14 PM): w/o any bullshit

DC (3:06:23 PM): you just liked this guy for who he is

DC (3:06:27 PM): and it spooked you

DC (3:06:32 PM): so hell no

DC (3:06:36 PM): he cant have no more booty

DC (3:06:48 PM): cuz that'll show you what you dont wanna see

MD (3:06:54 PM): which is?

DC (3:06:56 PM): you're afraid it'll be too good

DC (3:06:58 PM): cuz if it's good

DC (3:07:02 PM): you're really in trouble

DC (3:07:06 PM): this is a nice guy

DC (3:07:10 PM): whom i love

DC (3:07:13 PM): and the sex is good

DC (3:07:16 PM): deadly combo

MD (3:07:19 PM): okay....

MD (3:07:27 PM): i am sooooooo not finished with this conversation...

MD (3:07:35 PM): but i gotta go to a damn meetin now....

MD (3:07:42 PM): and you gon be gone by the time i get back....

MD (3:07:50 PM): so i'ma remember where we stopped...

MD (3:07:56 PM): because the fact that you see that as my reasoning

MD (3:08:03 PM): is absolutely fascinating to me.

MD (3:08:03 PM): i'ma holla later

DC (3:08:07 PM):

MD (3:08:08 PM):

We never did revisit this conversation. I never brought it up again. I'm still strugglin to keep things distant. So, there wouldn't have really even been a point to it.


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