... happy new year

01.07.2004 // 6:21 pm


Happy New Year. I know it's 7 days old already but, whatever. I haven't posted cuz i really don't have much to say. I'm feelin kinda withdrawn at the moment. I'm trying to pull away from DC and he keeps doin shit to make me love him. (I know how stupid that sounds. Don't write me.)

Since the last time I posted in here, he has been super sweet. No... I mean SUPER sweet. I think he knows its a wrap and doesn't like the idea. I imagine this is how he's managed to remain entrenched in that monstrosity of a marriage for as long as he has. Just as it seems as though its going to come to a close, he doubles his efforts to make sure it doesn't happen. It's frustrating as hell. But I can so relate to his fear.

He gave me this really funny analysis of our non-relationship the other day. I almost peed my pants; it was so fuckin hysterical. What made it funny wasn't even the fact that he took the time to pick this shit apart. (That's my territory.) It was the fact that he delivered that shit like it was mad important. Like he had sat down and found a cure for cancer or some shit. But I was cool. I just let him speak his piece. I thought it was cute... wrong but cute. I'll tell y'all what he said tomorrow. I'm bout to leave the job. I'm tired as hell.

So, bye.


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