... he aint goin no where

12.15.2003 // 3:05 pm


So he logs on for two minutes, literally and goes, "hey did I tell you me and [his old lady] gittin a divorce?" Just like that. Talks about how he been unhappy for a while and he told her on the phone on Saturday night that he had enough and she just agreed without protest. Then, mid-conversation, he logs off without sayin anything. Actually I asked if he thought she believed him when he said it. Then he logged off. So I txt his phone and ask, "r u ok?" All he answers is, "yup". Then nuthin.

Question: How the fuck do you get support... fuck support... How do you get RESPECT if you're gonna behave like a freakin baby? I mean come on, man. There's gotta be a limit. There was a time when I woulda been blowin his shit up right about now just to make sure he was okay and shit. But I can't very well dial his number and journal about this crap at the same time now can I? Besides, he don't seem to want that shit anyway--- at least not from me. So fuck it.

By the way, he didn't come to NY. He said when he didn't hear back from me he just went home. I'm assume that's when the real drama ensued.

Whatever... He ain't goin no where.


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