...dland is a ghetto ass server

06.06.2003 // 12:18 pm


Oh Geesus!! Yes Lawd! Dland done let a sista back on to post! Who knew this server was so freakin ghetto?! Oh well.

I received a personal request from one of my stalkers that I update so here I am.. Fina-freakin-lly!!!

So here's all what happened... I'm not gon give details like that cuz... well I can't remember all the shit that happened, so I'm just gonna give it to you in no particular order just so you're all caught up and then we can start wit the regular daily crap again on Monday (as long as dland don't fuck wit me!)


So me and DC went from hardly talkin online to talkin on the phone again...

He shared that he's filin for divorce on Friday...

He called me at 2:00 in the morning on his way to a booty call...

I went on a date of my own and he got jealous that I wasn't there for him to talk about his new marital situation....

He hints that he may be reuniting with his first love... (or as he calls her "the women he should have married") That hurt for a minute, but... whatever. I'm over it.




Oh... today he tried to trick me into admitting that he could still get with me sexually if he was so inclined. (...it kinda worked ... damn the wretched "whore-mones")


I think that's it. If I remember anything else I'ma try and come back up here and put it on.

So... til Monday then...

xxoxo... macdiva

P.S. I know ya'll prolly feel gyped by this half-asses excuse for a post, but blame dland... not me.


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