... fuck it

03.15.2004 // 2:28 pm


Damn man. I can't wait for Ms. Thing to be up out this piece. She tryin to be real nice and stuff, but sumthin about her just irks the shit outta me. I know I sound like a hater. Fuck it. I prolly am just hatin. I don't care. I just want her gone! Yo, I actually catch an attitude when she's around. For example, ain't nobody done shit to me today yet I got the only screw face on right about now. Not a good look. She gotta go.

DC is coming back from Florida today. He's been there since the 9th. He ain't page me or nuthin though. So I'm just gonna assume all went well... him and his cousin drove down there... got pissy... fucked someone / something... his old lady called atleast once to assuage his fragile-ass ego... and today they'll come back and recuperate.

My new motto: "fuck it... it ain't got nuthin to do with me."



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