... flashbacks

07.10.2003 // 10:32 am


Ah said ma back is achin!
Ma shoes too tight!
Ma booty shakin from left to right!

AAAhhhhhh!!! Who from Brooklyn remembers doin crab cheers?

For some reason, today I been havin mad flashbacks to my childhood.

Playin Booty Tag and Run-Catch-Kiss...

Eating food with no nutritional value only to have your tongue turn colors that don't even exist in nature (ie: Crunchy Cheese Doodles, Green Apple Now-and-Laters {pronounced: Nah-lay-duhs}, and Blueberry Quarter Water)...

Hot girls wore CocaCola sweat shirts, shell top Adidas and lipgloss that had to taste like sumthin yummy.

Dang... those were the days.

Oh... by the way, I'm off through Monday, so I'm spendin the weekend in DC.



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