... you big dummy!

10.21.2004 // 1:09 pm


MD (11:45:19 AM): good morning
DC (11:47:13 AM): sup chinchilla
MD (11:47:56 AM): chinchilla?
MD (11:47:58 AM): lol
DC (12:14:16 PM): sup witcha
MD (12:19:44 PM): nuthin
MD (12:19:49 PM): just waitin on my movies
DC (12:35:14 PM): yeah
DC (12:35:14 PM): i'm sorry
DC (12:35:21 PM): i be forgettin
DC (12:35:33 PM): be havin a full plate after work
DC (12:35:36 PM): lot of things happenin lately
DC (12:35:48 PM): gotta take [his daughter] to gymnastics on mondays
DC (12:35:54 PM): so i gotta go get her from school
DC (12:35:57 PM): then rush to take her
DC (12:36:06 PM): then the rest of the week i gotta go to practice with [his son]
DC (12:36:13 PM): then last week [his old lady] got arrested
DC (12:36:25 PM): so i had to literally bail her out
DC (12:36:32 PM): now we lookin/talkin to lawyers
DC (12:36:40 PM): tryin to get their fees and stuff together
MD (12:36:53 PM): um....
DC (12:36:55 PM): so i've had a full plate lately
MD (12:36:56 PM): arrested?
DC (12:36:59 PM): yup
DC (12:37:15 PM): doin dumb sht with her friends
DC (12:37:32 PM): her friend was using a stolen credit card
DC (12:37:39 PM): and they went shoppin
DC (12:38:06 PM): so she lookin at a FELONY charge of credit card fraud
MD (12:38:15 PM): the friend?
DC (12:38:18 PM): [his old lady]
DC (12:38:27 PM): cuz she was apart of it
DC (12:38:34 PM): although she didnt take the card
DC (12:38:38 PM): she was there
DC (12:38:44 PM): they're tryin to say she had to know the card was stolen
DC (12:38:57 PM): but the detective keep tellin her, she's not the person she's interested in
DC (12:38:59 PM): she wants her friend
DC (12:39:03 PM): i'm like fuck it
DC (12:39:07 PM): you gotta snitch on your friend
DC (12:39:25 PM): if she snitch they'll drop the charge to some kinda misdem.
DC (12:39:31 PM): so you know what i said
DC (12:39:34 PM): fuck loyalty
DC (12:39:38 PM): you gotta a lil child to think about
DC (12:39:51 PM): it's not every man for themself
DC (12:39:57 PM): plus i dont like that youngin no way
DC (12:40:14 PM): when me and [his old lady] seperated she dumped my toothbrush in the toilet
MD (12:40:30 PM): the friend did?
DC (12:40:44 PM): yeah
DC (12:40:53 PM): she aint have to do that to my damn toothbrush


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