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05.04.2004 // 6:11 pm


This is the shit I can't understand. Why do I get fucked over even when I'm actually trying to do the right thing. I been hangin with this guy for a minute. He ain't really nothin to write home about, but he served his purpose... an adequate distraction from DC (who I will get to later, by the way.)

Yeah, so, my Spidey senses been tinglin about this mother fucker since I met him, but I'm like, "Whatever. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt."

We were supposed to hang out on Wednesday. Nicca stood me up. Thursday he calls me and was like, "You were supposed to call me and then blah blah blah."

Fine. Nicca got a pass on that one. I knew he blew my ass off, but I said fuck it. He wanna make excuses for the obvious, there's no need for me to get all bent outta shape. We spoke on Saturday nite til real late. It was cool. No animosity or anything. So then he asked if we could hook up on Saturday. I said, "Fine." This time though, he said he would call me on Saturday morning. Bet.

So Saturday comes, now. And, just like he said it would, at 7:30 my phone starts ringin... "Hey babe... how you doin? How'd you sleep?"

"Um... hi... fine... fine... so what's up for today?"

He had to work on Saturday, so we decided that he would call me an hour before he got off, and we'd meet up Downtown. Dude's last words before we got off the phone were, "SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN."

Now am I crazy, or did that seem like an indication of a plan??? I mean, homey said it was a plan. So, gotdamnit, that must be the plan, ri?? Well, apparently, I was infact mistaken to assume that the words "SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN" actually meant... well... that was the FUCKIN PLAN! Nicca stood me up again!!!! Yo, you wanna talk about pissed?! I swear, if I could spit a bullet that nicca would be one dead spitty sumamabitch right about now!!!

But wait. It gets better though! He doesn't even call all day Sunday. Nor do I hear form him all day Monday. HE decides to call me at 2:00 am on TUESDAY! And say what? "Wake up. I'm comin over." I was dead asleep, but that shit sat me straight up in my bed.

I broke my phone.

I hurt my hand and I broke my phone.

I have never slammed a phone down so hard in my life. That shit didn't even seem like reality! Nicca must have balls the size of watermelons to even fix his face to call me and say some dumb shit like that!

So just now, he calls me on my cell phone. My shit been off all day. He left 3 messages, but I ain't have no intention of calling him. As soon as I turned that bitch back on, it starts ringin. It's him, "Where you been? I been callin you like crazy." So I came straight with mine, "I know. I'm not tryin to talk to you though."

Nicca asks, "Why?" (WHY????? Is your brain in your ass??? WTF??)

So I'm like, "Hello??? What happened??? Wasn't I supposed to see you?"

He goes, "Yeah."

So I say, "When?!"

This dummy says, "Wednesday, right?"

I was stunned.

I swear.

I'm thinkin, I seen him before. Lotsa times. His head ain't no bigger than average. Yet clearly it seems to hold, at least 30 or 40 times the average amount of STUPID!!! How is that shit even possible??!!

Dumb Ass!

Oh. I know I said I'd get to DC, but I'm like the only person still in this office right now. So, I'm gonna roll. But I'ma get to him evetually. I really can't stand him now. Ain't that some shit? I can't believe I feel the way I do about him now. Wow. Anyway, I'm out.



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