december 2006

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Okay.. so the last real post that I put in here was in December of 06. If you lost, just go in the archives to figure out what the hell is going on. I don't feel like doing a whole recap type thingee. So, here's what's been happening in little itty bitty chunks thanks to my Sidekick...

12.05.06....... I sent a txt sayin this sux. He called. Told me bout Sony's party. Savage really is one. He called her a slut. And Coal is cool with him. Makes me wonder what has been said about MD behind the scenes. Jones is tryin to talk to her tho. They apparently "told him about her" but he's still interested. That's so foul. They are draggin her name through the mud. Dag. It was an okay convo though. Maybe we really can be friends after all.

12/6/06 .......Coal decided he wants to "renegotiate". Asked for one of the school pics that came today. Judy saw me cuttin it out to give to him. He made me promise I'd think about it. Kept telling me that I should never say never. Wtf? How did we get to this so fast? I just ended it on the 20th of November. 2 weeks? Last time only lasted from my birthday through 3 days before labor day. If I cave this will probably not end well the third time around. And why would he want my pic? He
says, oh... I'm sure my mother will find somewhere to put it in the house. Um... Lil Coal's mama will just loooove that I'm sure. Man o man... this was a huge mistake. :-(

12/7/06....... Coal and another worker, we’ll call him PR, both hangin round my doors watchin me on the rug workin.... Coal came in the room trying to bring sexy back. It ain't work. Lol. Told me he showed my pic to one of his boys and said all this sweet stuff about me. I asked if he told him that "all that sweet stuff" just walked away. LMAO! He didn’t of course. Then he tells me he had a dream he was brushing my hair. He is goin in, but the more time passes the stronger I feel. I ended up leaving 45 min after I was supposed to, at the same time as the Boss and Asst.Boss, and they end up smirkin at me and shyte. Damn damn damn!

12/8/06...... Coal flirtin hard, but its not a turn on because I know all he wants is physical. BM called him on his cell and he went down the hall to a pre-k class to talk to her. I heard him yellin at her but it was so noisy in the hall I couldn’t tell what they were arguing about. I caught a 'tude right away and left. We both wished each other a good weekend and he told me he
would be keeping his eye on me.....

12/9/06.......Went on a date with my friend Bunny and a guy named Quincy. Everything was fine until I got abandoned in coney island at 4:53 in the morning b/c I wouldn't go into his apt. I ended up calling Coal but he was upstate. I never asked why. Then I regretted calling him. Ended up calling one of my homegirls and she came and got me and I went with her to the laundromat. A 20 y.o. tried to talk to me, but he was crazy and I think homeless. Um… yeah… an all around bad day/weekend.

12/10/06.......Coal said he was coming home last night and would call me but he never did. I am really not in a good place right now. I gave my therapist's number to one of the girls in my today, but i feel like I should call her myself.

12/15/06.......The Big Boy (let's call him Grimace cuz he really does share the same body type) offered me a ride home. I had him meet me at he drug store up the block. Told him I just walked away from a situation and would need him to be patient. He seemed okay with it. He has a really good heart but Coal is still under my skin. Hank's daughter came up and started a bit of a
stir. Instantly I caught a 'tude. Between her and bubbles and just the general fuckedupness of the situation, I really am starting to feel like a different kind of female. Or maybe I was always this way but since the weight loss I am more aggressive. Before it just kinda made sense that I'd be blown off. Now it makes me mad. I need to see somebody. I feel like I'm at a really pivotal point in this and I don't wanna start going backwards now. I even started to have second thought about my cosmetic.surgery plans. Yeah. I need to talk to somebody about this shyte.

12/18/06...... Grimace sent me a text offering me a ride home after work. i thought it was a nice gesture until he added, "all I ask for is a kiss so i don't feel like cab driver." Oh hell nah... we gon have to nip this shyte right in the bud.


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