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06.10.2003 // 8:51 am


Wsup ya'll?

I'm back with very little to report. It's weird trying to post now that I've found a free therapist. lol!

Anyway, I had a shoot on Sunday. It was all the way in Jersey. I was not happy about this at all, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do, ri?

The model was the sweetest thing ever. Just really down to earth and friendly. She showed up 10 mintues early. She wasn't very model-like at all. We hit it off right away, so while I'm beatin her face and get to talkin. The hair is done. She's in wardrobe. We're we're doin good on time, so we can kinda kick it a little bit while I work. I don't know how this topic even came up, but at one point the hair stylist asks her if she's seein anybody. (Yeah I thought that was pretty rude too, but hey, i didn't raise her so it's not my fault) But, again, this girl was a peach, so she didn't seem to take offense to a stranger gettin all up in her business like that.

She answered, "Yeah... married."

Now, this girl only 22 years old, so the hair chick goes, " Oh my Lord! You're so young! How long you been married??"

(Here come the funny shit.) The model goes, "No. I'm not married. He is."

Yo! Let me tell you, I fell the fuck out!!! LMAO!!! What is this? A gotdayum epidemic? She then goes on to talk about how awful their marriage is and how they have a kid and that's the only reason that they're still together and blah blah blah blah blah!!!! Ya'll know I was havin deja vu like a mofo, right? I wanted scream!!

All I'm thinkin is this little girl need to get the fuck out while she can, but of course I don't wanna put my own shit on blast, so I kept my little words of wisdom to myself.

It really was a sad thing to witness though. It was like she couldn't see that she was being played, yet it was obvious to everyone else in the room. It was sad, really. She's in love and he don't give a damn about her. She did have some moments of clarity though. She's pretty sure that they will not end up together. And even if they do, it prolly won't last cuz she'll never trust him and he'll never respect her. She'll always be the girl that slept with a married man. And he'll always be the man that cheated on his wife. It was only for that portion of her "confession" that she sounded really lucid. But otherwise, she sounded totally brainwashed.


Do I sound that bad??


Don't answer that.


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