... how you gon bootleg my shit?

09.03.2004 // 3:10 pm


Sometimes I feel so damn petty. Hell, I am petty. I just wish there were more petty folks around so I wouldn't feel so bad about it. LOL. Lemme start by saying I buy bootleg shit all the time. I ain't gon no shame in my game about that because if I really like an artist, I'll go out and pay for their shit in the store. But if I don't respect you but you're shit is bangin, you best believe I'm givin my money to the crips, mafia, taliban or whoever the fuck is out bootleggin your shit and sellin it up on the Ave, 3 for $10.00. (I hope you listenin Mr. Kelly.)

So that having been said, I come in to work today and I bring in this CD (non-bootlegged) for this girl cause she says she wanna hear it. We listenin to it together and all of a sudden she just pops the shit out and tells me she bout to go burn a copy of my shit! Mind you I asked her to come to the store with me yesterday after work so I could get it. Bitch goes, "oh I can't. I have to go home and walk my dog." Bitch, it's 5:30 in the afternoon!!! Ya mutt can't hold it for an extra 20 minutes?? Fine. I go to the store, by myself, bought my shit and was cool with it... until she burned my shit. I wanted to say something so bad, but she's always offerin to share her lil homemade lunches and junk. (It never nuthin you like, but it's the gesture you know?) Anyway, I like her. We're cool but I am real mad that she burned my shit without and I can't say shit cuz I'ma look petty if I do!! I hate that shit. I know it's not that serious, but I'm sayin.

(oh... and thnx for the bday love y'all.)


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