... really bad timing

12.01.2006 // 11:59 pm


One of my coworkers is having a party at some club tonight. I was thinking about going until Coal came in my room with one of the guys from his department. They were debating putting in an appearance. So, no party for me. I wasn't really in a festive mood anyway after this shit...

There's an older black lady at the job who's been teaching for decades. She and Coal are pretty cool and I looked at her sort of like a mentor. I came in one day and gave her bags of my fat clothes, some with the tags still on. I thought we were cool too. But apparently I was wrong. There's another chick at the job I think Coal used to deal with before me. Well, this lady, Judy (short for Judas!) looks at him one day and goes, "Ooh, I see you hangin out in Ms. Diva's room now. Aint hangin out with Bubbles (the other chick) no more huh?" Her and another older black lady (Chaka) just wouldn't let it go. He took it as a joke, but I didn't it. Whatever.

A few weeks later, he in my room talkin to me as usual and she come bangin on my door hollarin bout a hundred bucks he owes her. I just looked at her. He had eighty on him, so he gave her that and said he'd give her the rest later. So she took the money and left. Walked in and out my room without so much as a "hello" to me, but as she's walkin out, she adds, "Now I know where to look for you when I can't find yo ass!" Whaaaat? Mind you, he still takin her shyte a joke.

A few weeks after that incident, Judy is havin a party at her house. Only invitin certain people at the job... I was not one of those people. Mind you, she walkin round wearin my fuckin clothes and walked right past me to go invite other people. Did I really wanna go? Of course not. But it's just the principle. Anyway, she invited, Coal, of course, but then tells him that he'd better come cuz she really wanna introduce him to her daughter. Um... okay. I am not imagining this at this point right? She is actually bein fuckin shady! So Coal is tellin me the story of how her daughter has all these kids and no job and how Judy prolly just wanna unload her cuz they all livin wit her drivin her crazy. I'm hearin him, but at the same time I can not get past the fact that while she don't know for sure what's up wit Coal and me, she clearly has her suspicions. So that's what she turns around and does? Excludes me from her lil shindig so she can hook him up wit her daughter? That's so freakin grimy!

Coal ended up not going to the party. I don't know if he caught any heat from her behind it tho. Days after, I'm in my room marking papers. She walks past my room, sees me, and waves and flashes a smile. I return the gesture and about five minutes later, Coal comes in the room. He goes, "You know what Judy just said to me? She walks past me in the hall just now and goes, 'hurry up. Ms. Diva's waitin for you.' What's that about?" Honestly, at this point, I have no love for that old biddy. She is just foul. I told Coal I don't think she's his friend and I'm not fuckin wit her no more and he, again, blew it off. "She's just a nosey old lady. She's harmless." Um hmm.

Well last week, after our breakup, she goes to him for no apparent reason and asks, "You like Ms. Diva don't you? She's real pretty, huh?" Just flat out asked him that shit! He denied everything, told her I'm just cool people and that's why we talk so much. But, I'm pretty sure she wasn't buyin that shit. As a matter of fact, I'm positive she didn't buy it based on what she did this afternoon.

Coal and Savage (I'll talk about him some other time) are in my room talkin about whether they are gonna go to this party and Judy rolls up. She is yellin at Coal tellin him he's selfish cuz he aint get her a bottle of White Linen perfume for her birthday. So he's remindin her that she promised him a bottle of liqour for his and he still aint got it. Savage is laughing and I'm quickly packin my shit so I can just go the fuck home. Then she goes, "You're the kinda man no woman would want cuz all you think about is 'what can you do for me?' No woman would want that!" Believe me the irony of her timing was not lost on me! I smirked a lil bit. Then she stops talkin to him and turns to me and says, "You hear me Ms. Diva? Coal aint no good! All he think about is his damn self. He's the kinda man no woman would want. 'What can you do for me' Who would want that, right Ms. Diva?" I ain't answer. I just put on my best fake belly laugh, kept gettin myself together to go and avoided eye contact with her AND him. Savage just kept laughin and said, "Yo, she blew up ya spot, kid!" With that, I said, "Good night" and I left.

Like I said, I avoided eye contact, but I know Coal. I knew he didn't like her sayin that shit in front of me... especially under the present circumstances. A few hours later the texts started...

Coal: Hey

Macdiva: Hey

Coal: Hey u

Macdiva: Um... you said that. Lol!

Macdiva: What r u doing?

Coal: I fucked up on you big time. Didn't know how good u r

Macdiva: What do u mean?

Coal: I lost out. U slipped thru my fingers

Macdiva: :-(

Him and Judy both have really bad timing.


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