... a year... dang

05.29.2003 // 3:04 pm


Y'all see that lil sitemeter thingee down at the lower left of my page, right? Well, I click that so I can go on there to see how many of y'all pass through... whether you stay and chill... or just grab your daily dose and then bounce after 30 seconds like y'all ain't got no damn home trainin. Anyway, I saw that somebody was diggin in the crates and landed on this page here.


Can I tell y'all how taken aback I was at the fact that I've been on Dland for a whole damn year! That's crazy! Not only that, but I done gained and lost and regained so much friggin weight that I don't even post about that shit no more. Just gave up and shit.

A year... dang.

xxoxo... macdiva

(...I know I said I was gon tell y'all about the weekend. I'ma do it... For real... I will.)


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