... am I petty?

2003-03-12 // 3:04 p.m.



I ain't been up here in a good minute. I guess that could be considered a good thing right? (lol)

Y'all remember my friend Darin? I tell folks he's my brother cuz that's really the kinda luv I got for dude. But, brother or not, I stopped talkin to his ass on account of a comment he made about me. Not I know people are gonna call me petty when I tell y'all the reason, but whateva....

So D ain't never been real big on acknowledging or celebrating his Birthday (It's June 17! There! He's been outted! what?! Lol!) but last June, he agreed to let me take him out for brunch. It was like pullin a damn tooth, but he said yeah. Why the day of the brunch come and he ain't takin my calls? Hiddin like I'm the tax man or his baby-mama or some shit?! So I got pissed. I said, "Aight. That's how it is? I'mma leave him alone. We'll talk when he calls me and then I'mma chew his ass out for real."

Yo. Why dat nicca ain't call? AT ALL?? I know some people got issues with hittin 30 and sh*t, but c'mon! I'm supposed to be ya sista! But I was cool wit it. I let it go.

Well.... that was in June. In September, I run into him on the 4 train and I walk over to him. He lookin at me all sh*t faced like he don't know what to say. All of a sudden, he makin small talk about sh*t that happen in like January! Sh*t we already talked about and experienced and together.... be he tellin it like it's my first time hearin it! SO i'm just standin there lookin at him tryin to label his issue....cuz you know it's HIS issue, right? So then he asks me, "So what you been up to?"

At the time I was still w/ Mr. Ex, so I say, "Well I been kickin it w/ a little friend of mine."


Here it is...

The sh*t he said that ticked me off...

"Oh. Right. I figured that's why I hadn't heard from you."

WTF?! Now, I know y'all prolly wonderin why I would make a federal case outta somethin like that. The thing is this. I have never... EVER... been the kind of person that would kick her peoples to the curb over some dick! Neva! That mess was insulting to me. I couldn't address it though cuz just then my stop came. We both said we would talk later.

We didn't.

So this Sunday, now, I get a call from Darin. He's been goin through all kinds of drama. His uncle was murdered down in Maryland. He almost got kicked out of his Masters Degree program and this is his last semester. He's been feelin it. So he called.

He talked for hours, literally. From 8:30pm to 2:30am I listened. I was comforting and supportive. I was a really good friend. When he was through venting, he asked what had been going on with me. I said, "Nuthin much." (big ass lie)

And he goes, "C'mon. I know alot had to have happened since the last time we spoke. I remember you were in a relationship. I saw Melonie (she went to college with us) and she asked about you. I told her you were seein' somebody so that's prolly why you ain't really been keepin up wit folks." WTF!

I flipped. I'm like, "You and that heffer both got my number! Neither one of y'all been callin' my black ass! So don't make me out to be some kinda flat-leaver on account of me bein in a friggin' relationship! That's the second time you said that mess and I don't like it! And for your information I'm NOT in a relationship! That's right! I still can't keep a man! What, nicca!? WHAT!??"

D was in complete shock. He was like, "Dang. You been harborin these feelings all this time? Why you ain't tell me? I'm sorry."

So now I'm feelin all guilty and sh*t. So I changed the subject. I told him about DC. (Just the highlights. 3:00am is no time for details.) He gave me some advice I'm sure was very good but was way too tired to remember.

And, just like that, our friendship is repaired... good as new.

So... am I petty?


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