July 15th to the 16th of 2007

09.27.2008 // 10:35 am


7.15.07 Brown just left here. He actually called to ask me what my cross streets were. I just gave a guy my number I met online. He lives in Florida, but we've been chatting since february just as friends. Then out of the blue Brown shows up. He had his nephew with him. I actually like the nephew. He's gonna be 7 y.o. on Monday and seems really sweet... a lil hyper, but whatever. Lol.

While he was here he hugged me twice and told me I looked good. (Mmmhmm...) then he says we should go on vacation in August and then goes oh just kidding. (He is making me angry now. This shyte actually hurt and he is still takin it light.) We sit in his car for a minute before he leaves and he did the same shyte...made flirty comments and then put it off as a joke and hugged me again. I don't know what he wants from me, but I do know this... Nicca been eatin good since I last seen him cuz he done put on some weight for real for real! ROTFLMFAO!!! Oh wee... it felt good to see that shyte. Fucked up? Sure. But damnit, my heart really got bruised behind this shyte. Lemme have a lil but of fun! Hahaaaa!

7.16.07 I spoke to him on text today. He is fully committed to not comitting. (Wow... real newsflash there huh, Dummy?) I knew but then he started talking about squeezing on my booty and junk. It just made me really fckin mad. How r u gonna just roll out and then come back on some sexual shyte? Especially since I didn't even fuck u?? Ugh!!!! He is so wack to me now. He asked me about my driving lesson and I told him we could start next week. Now I'm not sure I ever want to see him again.

7.16.07 He is back. He was "in the neighborhood" and decided to just drop by... again. Fine. We walk to the store so that I can get a diet coke and on the way back, he takes a call on his cell phone. I can tell right away that it's a female. My whole thing is... why take the call? If it matters to you what I think, don't take the damn call. And if it doesn't matter, open your mouth and say whatever the fuck u gotta say to the person on the other line. Don't act like a little punk!

I can hear him explaining "nuthin..... I'm..... nuthin!.... standing around.....I can come and get you when my friend comes...what?.... (whisper....whisper....whisper....).... I'll give you a call when he gets here and let you know for sure.... okay....okay.....bye....(really quietly)I know....I (whisper....whisper....whisper)...k...bye." If you're curious about how I was able to write the the dialogue so accurately, it's because I'm typing all this shyet on my side kick as its happening. I wanna punch him dead in the face right now. I swear. I would also like to add, he actually gained more weight than I even realized last night. Yeah. Next!


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