Apr. 23rd of 08

11.29.2008 // 7:10 pm


TJ was in serious need of a pep talk, so I sent him a text and just put it all out there. No turnin back now...

"Baby, I know u have a lot of work still 2 do but honestly I see how hungry u r 2 grow & become a better man & I am SO PROUD of you. There are men 10yrs older than u that don't do even half of what u do 2 try 2 make more of themselves. U r handsome enough 2 live stress free and just find some random woman 2 take care of u. But that's not who u are and I LOVE that about u. Add 2 that the fact that inspite of ur fears, u were brave enough 2 let me c ur heart... 2 c u 4 who u really r with absolutely no pretense... I swear, TJ, U R SO BEAUTIFUL 2 me & I want 2 be there 2 witness everything the future has in store 4 u. So go ahead and do all the things u feel u have 2 do in order 2 make me happy. Just don't worry about me going anywhere while u do. I'm here 4 u as long as u want me. U R A GOOD MAN TJ. Ur the one that makes me feel good ALL the time. That's what I need... U R WHAT I NEED... I am sure. xxoxo...Macdiva."


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