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11.29.2008 // 6:53 pm


TJ came to get me from the job at 4 pm. We went to BJ's, went to the bank, ate some dinner... and um.... I don't know... I just got out his car and went in my house. It's 4 am! Wtf??? Lmao!!! Seriously though, I felt closer to him tonight than ever before. I feel like this is a turning point for us... I'm so scared of this shyte. :-(

Went to the movies and dinner with TJ. We were supposed to go to the car show but we got a late start. The dinner was overpriced and the movie was absolutely awful... we had an amazing time.

TJQOD: You're becoming so important to me.

He's been talking to his grandmother about me again... gushing really. He talked about how I look and how I am... how I always make him laugh and even though I have a master's degree, I'm not stuffy or judgmental. I make him happy. He decribed me as "sweet and kind and so, so pretty." I just sat there slack jawed as he told me all of this. Eventually he told her that there's so much he wants to say to me but he doesn't want to scare me off.

At first I was concerned about what Nana would say or what kind of advice she would give since he told me that she had been complaining that he doesn't call her three times a week like he used to. She knows I'm the reason, but she also knows he is happier than she's seen him in a long time, so she just kept it basic. She told him to relax and not jump the gun.

She's not the only one feeling neglected though. Last Saturday, TJ and I are on the phone and one of his whoring friends calls him up and says, "Yo! Tj! You need to swing by ya ex-girlfriend's house. She havin a party. Mad hoes up in here, yo!" TJ respectfully declines. About half an hour later, this same fool calls back and wants to use TJ's apartment to hook up with some girl. He also feels it necessary to stress that his newly acquired ho happens to have a "co-ho" that is down to give TJ some action. Again, TJ says, "K, thanks but I'll pass... oh and um... u aint fckn no hoes in my house. Aight. Peace." Do you know this nicca called back non-stop for like 15 minutes straight after that?!! TJ kept goin over and tellin him, "No!" but nicca wouldn't take no for an answer. So the final time, TJ went over to the other line and chewed him out for being so damn rude since he knew everytime he called he was interrupting his conversation.

That's when it happened. This fool gon turn around and say, "Gotdayum! You in her ass like that man? Wtf nicca! You sprung!" TJ got so pissed! He told him, "This aint even got nuthin to do with her! You just aint gon violate my space like that! Plus you got a fckn girl anyway so you buggin. I'm good nicca! You can stop callin now!" *click* Tj came back to my line and was like, "I knew it. I knew he'd play that card eventually." Soooo, I'm thinking Macdiva is not real popular with his little friends at the moment. Shyte.

Even his dog is acting different towards him! He hasn't been around as much to play with her or exercise with her. So now, of late, he's noticed that it takes him a couple of tries to get her to follow his commands. She's mad him so she's being... well... a bitch! Lmao!! What's crazy is that TJ seems totally unaffected by any of this.

TJQOD: MD, I really do care about you.


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