Mar. 12th to Mar. 15th of 08

11.29.2008 // 5:53 pm


I am falling for TJ and it feels soooo damn good... Yo... He actually said the words "I really think you're the one for me." We talk about 3 hrs a day during the week and about 6 hrs on weekends. We both have serious seperation anxiety when we miss even one day. So far I am doing EVERYTHING right. He calls all the time. He shares so much about his past and what he wants for the future. He is constantly discussing kids and family and his career goals. OMG, I am so glad I met him. I was on the fence before, but I am officially into him now and I love the fact that its okay. He's available and real and safe and interested. That's what's up!

Spent 3 hours with TJ just talkin and kissin. I think he's falling. He's fighting it, but he really is falling. It's so amazing to see. Especially since I'm into him too. He's hung up on the money situation but he's gonna have to get past that shyte cuz I've decided I want him and I'm not bout to let his insecurities fuck it up. TJ quote of the day: "You really are special to me." Aaaaawwwww!!!!

TJ quote of the day: "My aunt saw my phone bill and was like, 'Who you talkin to for 5 hours a day? Some girl I bet... what the hell ya'll talkin bout??' Lmao! I aint say nuffin. I was just crackin' up. She's mad nosey, yo! So then she goes, 'Ummmhmmm... your ass is in love!' I was like, 'Uh... yeah... sumthin like that.' "

Then he admitted that he had lied before and had gotten all my messages but didn't call me back because he was "actin like a lil girl" cuz my friend came up to visit. Even though I had told him way in advance it still bothered him. So he decided to act like he was too busy to call me back. Lmfao!!! He actually admitted that shyte to me. Ok... he is officially da bomb.

10:30pm Coal calls, "Yo M... lemme get some of your time." (WTF? Yo I swear that nicca make me wanna bust his damn lip sometimes. Fckn jerk.) Mac responds, "No." Coal presses the issue and when Mac refuses to change her mind, he laughs and decides not to say what's so damn funny. Whatever. He only gets that way when he senses there's some real competition. If only he knew... this time, there IS no competition. TJ got this shyte on lock. Meaning, I ain't even interested in nobody else. Therefore, as of tonight, I am not answering my phone for anybody (man, woman, or beast) other than TJ after 9 o'clock. He's the only one holdin my attention right now (and I'm the only one holdin his) and that's just the way I like it. Peace. See ya later.


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