Feb. 24th to Feb. 27th of 08

11.29.2008 // 5:49 pm


2.24.08 3:34 I don't know what the fck to say. I just called back to back. Left a msg the 2nd time saying I was concerned and that I wanted him to call and let me know that he's alright. I don't believe this shyte. I think that nicca saw me or tmoble fcked up with them crossed lines and shyte! I'm serious!! OMG! I wanna cry right now.

6:02pm Still no call. Hmmm...
Yo!!!! This is what Karma is!!! Ah... now I get it.

So apparently sister fate has decided to gove me a reprieve. TJ is back in the picture. He pouts and has private tantrums but then he comes to me and shares his feelings. He is the cutest.


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