... DC slept over

2003-02-20 // 9:40 a.m.



My Valentine's Day turned out to be much more eventful than I had anticipated.

DC slept over.

Yup... After all the scheduling and the planning and the back and forth about the who-what-why-when-where-and-how he was gonna get to New York, he just up and says, "I wanna come to New York right now. Is that okay with you?" and then drives 3 and a half hours to come lay in my bed. I should prolly give y'all the background on what lead up to this though, right?

I think its common knowledge at this point that DC is in an unhappy marriage. For a while now, I have been beating the "we just friends" drum on account of him havin a wife. But after this shit here, I have no respect for ole girl. I still gotta be on my "P"s and "Q"s with him just so my heart don't get crushed, but from this point on, it's not about the marriage. They don't have no damn marriage. So here's how it went down...

DC been givin it the old college try as far as reconciling but Ms.Thing has been resistant from jump. His suspicion has always been that she is only with him because he supports her financially. So he goes to her earlier in the week and asks if they are gonna be doing anything together for Valentine's Day. Her response? "I don't celebrate that shit! You suppose to show love all year not just on one day!"

So DC says, "Cool." He was just gonna show love to his kids and call it a day. But then check out what goes down on the 14th...

The wife gets off work at 4:00 every day yet when DC calls me at 8:15 he don't know where she is! He called her cell phone and that joint was turned off! So now he's heated, right. He talkin bout how he's glad he has his daughter with him because if he didn't, he don't know what he would do if he were to see her right now. I'm on the cell tryin to calm him down. Finally he pulls up to the house and she steps to him like everything's gravy wantin to know if he was finished redecorating their daughter's room. So he gets even more pissed and tells her, "Oh, so you gonna play dumb like it's all good?? That's it. You gotta go."

Why this heffer gon turn around and yell at him, "I ain't goin no where! This my fuckin house!"
(Please note: She met him with that joint and ain't made the first house note payment up in that piece)

So of course my man is already ticked off from the fact that she tryin to play him so he takes this lil desk from his daughter's room and knocks it over. It hits the wall, and again, he says, "Yo, you actin like I'm playin wit you. I'm not. You gotta go."

This is the part that gets really ill. She's in the door way refusing to let him leave the room and he's tryin to avoid knockin her fuckin block off, so he tries to just barge past her. Why did she run to the phone and call the damn POLICE???!!!! It was a cordless phone, so DC just walked over to the base and took the plug out. The 911 operater called back though. So they both made a dash for the other phone. She got to it first and when he got up on her to try and take it, she hit him in the head with the receiver!!! Bitch on the phone talkin bout, "Help me please, my husband's tryin to kill me!"

Ooooohhhh no she didn't!!!

Ok. At this point, I feel like it's real important for me to tell those who don't know what it is I do for a living. For six years now, I have counseled both women and men who have been in abusive relationships. I run education groups. I do community outreach. I provide therapy on an individual basis and via support groups for survivors of all sorts of adult and childhood trauma. I've worked with immigrants, alcoholics, addicts, mental patients, teenagers, the elderly and homeless populations. I been a domestic violence advocate in hospital emergency rooms, battered women's shelters, in patient and out patient drug treatment programs and worked as a domestic violence consultant in two of the busiest medical facilities in New York City. Long story short...


By the way, his cell phone head set is on so I'm yelling, "Go to the Emergency room now! You need to document what she did to you! Have them take Polaroids and call the cops from there! You need to file your own report! You're a man, they are never gonna just take your word for what happened! Go PLEASE! GO! NOW!!!"

You think he listened to my ass? Of course not. What do I know, right? This is only my damn CAREER!!!!

Instead, he took his other daughter and left the house. He did the right thing by leaving the one he has with the wife cuz I could just see her tellin 5.0 that he kidnapped the child. Anyway, he took her to her mother's house and then started back home. The whole ride took about 25 minutes round trip. He just kept saying over and over, "She gotta go. This is it. I'm through. She gotta go." I'm still trying to convince him to seek medical attention for the speed knot that has apparently formed on his left temple, but he's still refusing. He insists he's going back home.

At this point I'm crying but I don't want him to know it. I'm supposed to be supportive. I supposed to keep him grounded or at least keep him from wigging out too damn much. But he's so dear to me andshe's lying on him... a lie that could have serious repercussions. I feel helpless because he's 200 miles away and I can hear the pain in his voice but can't really do anything to help him at all, so the tears come, but I refuse to sob. I just keep telling him, "You don't know what's gonna be waiting for you on the other side of that door. Cover your ass, baby. Please go to the ER."

He pulls up in front of the house and I can hear her peel out in her own car yelling, "The alarm is on and I changed the password!!!"

He still needs to get in the house though, so he opens the door and...


The alarm is loud as shit!!!!

Ok.. I got a riddle for ya... How you keep a whole gang of nosey mutha f*ckas in suspense??? HA! HAAA!!! Sorry... that's mean right?? ROTFLMAO!!! For real though, I got work to do, so I'mma come back and finish tellin y'all what happened later on, aight?



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