2002-11-24 // 5:03 p.m.



Words DO have power!

I asked you guys to write for me and you did!

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!

I guess it must be true... ask and you shall receive.

So in that spirit, excuse me while I put in my most urgent requests now....

A job doing what I love and making lots and lots of money
(in that order)

A single...educated...employed...articulate...HIV-child-and-drama free brotha willing to love me as much as I'm learning to love myself.

A body worthy of a pair of Poom-Poom Shorts... Booty Shorts... Cooty Cutters... or Daisy Dukes
(dependin' on what part of the country you live in)

Freedom from my Carbohydrate Addiction
(I could limit this one to just baked goods, but who am I fooling?)

The ability to say "No" and not feel compelled to reevaluate my answer, regardless of who asks the question.




Some of these are easier to obtain than others, but I figured I'll work on the ones I can and hopefully be able to just speak the others into existence.

We'll see.

Oh... I almost forgot...

Uptown called on Friday. I couldn't believe it. I heard his voice and my stomach did that weird flippy thing that used to happen in high school whenever I would cut a class and then see my teacher in the hallway.

Not a good feeling.

Anyway, he called to apologize for everything...

And to ask if it's really over.

It is.



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