...Al Bundy

2002-10-31 // 4:11 p.m.


So I've been kickin it online with this dude that calls himself Al Bundy...that's code for "Married With Children" Cool. So everybody knows what's up from jump street right? Right.

MD ain't into dude's with wives and babies, right? Right.

So this heah thing's gonna be strictly platonic, right? Right.

So we're online chatting, literally, all day today, and he tells me he's coming to NYC to kick it next weekend and wants to meet up for drinks or something.

My reaction: Oh damn.

Now, we'll be out in public. Just two friends chillin. That's totally allowed. So why am I shook like a mo fo???

I mean, I don't want him as anything but a friend. He doesn't want me as anything but a friend. So why am I creating a situation if one doesn't exist?

I mean it is possible that one could exist in the future...

(that would be bad)

Or maybe one already exists and I just don't wanna see it...

(that would be worse)

Okay. Whoa. I need to stop trippin and figure this mess out before Mr. Man gets here. I guess I'll talk to him about it when he calls tonight.

Oh... Did I mention I gave him my number?

xoxo... damn! damn!! damn!!!


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