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2002-09-30 // 11:27 a.m.


I've been so overwhelmed lately, these entries have almost become a chore. It's not that I don't want to do them... I just have so much other stuff going on (you know, the stuff that I should be putting up here) that I just can't seem to be as diligent about it as I should.

should... that sounds kind of punitive, doesn't it? What I meant to say is, I haven't been as dilligent about it as I would like to be. But...whatever. Here's what ya came here for...

It looks like this little diva's fling has flung... out of control that is. As it urns out, my little Uptown playmate has a significant other that he neglected to tell me about. So, that's history. It became official last night. I sat up for a long time and was able to find so many inconsistencies that I was completely (and conveniently) oblivious to when I was basking in the after glow and all that other shit. Well, they say when one door closes, another one opens...

Enter A. I'll call him A. because this world is just too fucking small and all I need is for this man to find out I'm stalkin' his ass. LOL! (Note: Is it me. or did I seem to get over Ole' Boy kinda quick? lol)

Anyway, I know nothing about this guy other than he's gonna be working at my job for the next 4 months and he is fine as hell!

Now 4 months doesn't leave a sista too much mackin' time, so I'm gonna have to step it up. I welcome any and all suggestions.

xxoxo... macdiva

p.s. Hey Dataguy... trust me, pregnancy was never a threat. Good lookin' out though ;)


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