...Booty-less Booty Call

2002-08-19 // 4:48 p.m.



I got big news....

I went on a date!!!! Yippee!!! The drought has ended!!!!



Technically it wasn't a date. It was sort of a Booty-less Booty Call.

(Booty-less cause macdiva don't git down like that!)

So, long story short:

Girl meets boy.
(let's call him Uptown)

Girl gives boy number.

Boy calls girl weeks later at 11 pm to "just say hi".

(umm hmmm...right.)

Boy picks Girl up and takes her to the Promenade*

(*Brooklyn equivalent of Make-Out Point)

They make out...

kissie... kissie... touchie... touchie...

Boy drives girl home...

And they both go their separate ways feeling all hot and bothered.

The End

So, if you guys don't hear from me for a while, I'm probably off somewhere pondering...




Ooooh!!! Ooooh!!! Ooooh!!! Aaaah!!!....macdiva


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