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2002-08-02 // 3:37 p.m.


I hate it when I slack off on posting entries in here and then a bunch of sh*t all happens at the same time! I get so overwhelmed I feel like not writing at all... but then I have to or else I'll just burst. So I'll just give you guys the highlights...

Job: Hate it...wanna quit....it's depressing... people (both clients and co-workers) are just rude and ungrateful!

Diet: Shot to hell several times since the last time I posted my loss stats (whenever the hell that was)... Made a new DL buddy though and she's helping keep me on point.... She gets things other folks just don't get (or care about). I'm diggin' her energy, for real... mzykzmyfrnd :)

Relationship: I have absolutely nothing to write here... that's the problem. I'm not asking for alot... just come to the table with at least as much as I am.

Misc. Baggage: At several points over the last few weeks, I honestly thought I was developing some real paranoid tendencies. I mean, it seemed like the whole frigging world was just on this mission to f*ck with me.... but not directly. I could deal with that. No... these people would deliberately find sneaky little ways to do or say shit to piss me off just to see how I'd take it.... or they'd do some mess behind my back and I'd just be lucky (or unlucky) enough to peep that mess out the corner of my eye.

I swear... I am so mellow, y'all. I really am. My problem is I really do have a tendency to let other people rent space in my head. Unfortunately, once I'm done marinating that sh*t I'm all "ra-ra" <--(tacky Brooklyn slang...forgive me) and I want to go off... but I don't. I hold it all inside which isn't good either. Anyway, the point is, I know I'm not buggin'... people really are trying to get me to show out and start actin' colored up in here, but I'm choosing (at least for right now) to just write this little bit of somethin'.

peace...for now,



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