sheerrrmmm! sheerrrmmm! shooommm!

2002-07-24 // 5:11 p.m.



So months ago when it first came out, I buy the N.E.R.D. cd. I listen to it once and think... um... yeah... this is Pure D. Crap, right. Well, I popped it in this weekend, and I don't know what happened between then and now, but I'm addicted, yo!

Maybe, some how my musical taste has diversified since making my purchase. I mean, when I first copped it, all I was lookin for was 10 to 15 tracks with that sheerrrmmm! sheerrrmmm! shooommm! Neptunes sound.


I'm diggin it now.

FAVORITE LINE: "You won't say it, but you think I'm changin' // Is it 'cause the whole world calls me "Drugz" // Well, didn't I say that I could help or hurt you? // You should be paranoid without me and with me feel the buzz! // Is that cocky ? "

Yes it is and Pharrell Williams is the man!

xoxo...nerd diva


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