... Are you losing WEIGHT???

2002-07-02 // 9:35 a.m.



I ain't been up here in a while...

One might take that as an indication that nuthin much has been happening, right? Wrong!

I'm doin' my lil diet thing... 17lbs. and counting! (go me!)

I have a question though...

Why do people that see you getting smaller feel the need to ask you "Are you losing weight?" Are they worried that their minds are playing tricks on them and making everyone appear deceptively thin??

Are you losing weight?

That's such a dumb ass question!!

I mean, even if a person isn't losing weight, even if they just found an outfit that made them look a little thinner than usual, why not just say, "You look nice today" and keep it moving?

Are you no longer worthy of the compliment if you only look skinny?

Are you some sort of deceitful bitch just because you somehow managed to camoflauge the rest of your fat ass for the day?

Sometimes humans just baffle me.


P.S. I love my breasts (and I'm sure they love me) but I wish I could have itty bitty ones for just one day so that I could do the Harlem Shake and not put somebody's eye out.... just thought I'd share.


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