... daayyuuummm! that's my head, yo!!!

2002-05-13 // 12:44 p.m.


Did I eva tell y'all 'bout the time I kicked my best friend in the back of her head? I don't even know what made me think of this, but I was on the bus this mornin and I just remembered it.

We must have been about 13... No, actually we were 14 because "Let's Talk About Sex" by Salt-n-Pepa was out...

Anyway, back in the day, we just knew we were Salt-n-Pepa*, right. (*please note: we were also Kid-n-Play, the Jets and 5 Star) So I'm at her house and we're lookin at Video Music Box and trying to do all the little dance moves and what not. So I decide that it would be really cool if we did that Salt-n-Pepa move where they both spin in a circle and after one revolution Salt squats down and Pepa keeps spinning and flings her leg over Salt's head...

Yeah, well she was Salt and I was supposed to be Pepa... and... um... well...

I'm known for alot of things, but long legs is unfortunately not one of 'em. Flexability wasn't really my strong suit back then, either.

(That came later... ~wink~)

Anyway, you can guess the rest.

We both got to spinnin'...
and she got to squatin'...
and then came the leg flingin' part and...
okay... well... see... what had happen', right...


Now, you'd think that someone who had known me since we were both 5 and had never seen me do anything even remotely Hip Hop-ish in the past would know better than to let me talk her into lettin me swing my stumpy little leg over her dome!

I mean you'd think she would've learned somethin from the time I broke her mama's broom having her hop over it during one of our re-enactments from "Sarafina" !

I love her to death, but I swear, it was just too easy to git ole girl to go along wit sh*t! LOL!

Anyway, I remembered that on the bus this mornin and just thought I'd share.

Now go... talk... discuss amongst ya selves!

hugzzz... md

P.S. Please note that this incident occured many, many moons ago. So, fear not!! For since that time, both the Diva and her partner in crime have both learned to "back that thing up" with the best of 'em! The best part is nobody has to get hurt either... not unless they got a lil' freak in 'em or sumthin'. (~giggle~)


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