... nightmares suck!

2002-05-12 // 1:05 p.m.


Y'all remember that almost-homey-lover-friend-guy that used to be a part of my life, right?

Well, damned if he wasn't in this dream I had last night. My boy was singin and dancin! Now I need to tell you, dude don't sing or dance as far as I know, so it just seemed real ill to see it happening!

Anyway, in reality, I did do this kat kinda dirty and I sho' nuff struggled with some real guilt issues behid that for a while. Well, I guess I still got a couple of those issues lurking around in the annals of my mind because in the dream I'm in sitting in the balcony at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music for y'all outta town people) and he's doing his thing on stage just hoppin around makin' a whole heap of noise and then all of a sudden he starts in on the most soul stirring, heart wrenching riffs I ever heard! I'm talking deeper than Kelly Price on the Friend of Mine Remix, y'all! At that point he turns and points at the balcony and the spot light shines on me and he starts singing over and over "YOU CHANGED ME! YOU CHANGED ME! DAMMIT, YOU CHANGED ME!" The crowd is staring at me and I can't run 'cause I'm in the middle of the row! So I start crying like a damn baby!

What the #$&% !!

I jumped up outta my sleep with the only headache!

I still got that bitch, too.

Why couldn't I just be some heartless ghetto wench? At least then I wouldn't care if I hurt anybody's feelings. I could just live my life doin what ever I want and be completely unaffected.



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