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2002-05-10 // 10:03 a.m.


Nearly every damn day something or someone comes along and causes me to struggle with the concept of human beings being fundamentally good. It really does seem like I'm constantly reminding myself that humans don't suck nearly as much as they seem to. It's times like those that I lean on my good people.

We all have good people and not-so-good people in our lives. And, we really should be working on purging that second group as often as possible because all they do is engulf you with all their negative stuff anyway.

But your real crew... they always keep you grounded.

They want the best for you.

They're happy when you're happy.

At times, words just seem totally unnecessary because you just have this wierd connection that is freaky as hell, but at the same time so precious.

You are better for having them in your life and they value you not just for who you are and what you have to offer but inpite of what you don't.

It's my good people that inpire me to be so much more than I am. Last night I spoke to one of those people...

Darin is truly one of the most down to earth brothers I've ever known. He doesn't pretend to be anything more or less than what he is. He wears his blackness with pride.

(Real, genuine pride--- not that fake, contrived, deliberately orchastrated show that some colored folks put on to try and convince themselves that they're okay with who and what they are.)

We met in college and in the 6 years I've known him, he has always kept it real with me. He calls me on my shit, and shows me love when I need it.

Me and Darin talk on the regular, but haven't really hung out in a minute, so we're gonna hook-up to go see a play. It's not anything major, and with D. it never is. He's just cool like that. Take our conversation last night. I mean, we were just chillin'... talking about nuthin' really.

But I swear...

Sometimes I just feel so blessed.


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