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2002-05-02 // 4:32 p.m.


Lost 2 more pounds...that's 9lbs all together. It's taking longer than I would like, but, I guess I should be happy anything's happening at all, right? I'm basically eating the same thing every day. Some folks need variety, but for me, that just makes it harder. If I know I only got a few food options, I ain't gonna waste my time thinking about what I want to eat 'cause chances are I can't hae it any ole' way. So here's my menu (except on days I hang out. Those days I'm doing my thing. damn a diet)....

Designer Whey Protein Shake (as soon as I wake up)
Two Boiled Eggs w/ a lil' bit of salt & cayenne pepper

AM Snack:
Luna Bar by Cliff (this sh*t is the BOMB!!)

Salad w/ Reduced calorie Vinegrette
Baked Chicken or Fish

PM Snack:
another Luna Bar(I told y'all they was good! ;))

If I can't have it by 7:00 pm I'll skip it.
If I can, It's usually either a Weight Watchers Santa Fe Rice and Bean Frozen Dinner OR a Chicken, Broccoli and Chedder Lean Pocket Sandwich OR Steamed Broccoli or Cauliflower w/ Baked Chicken

I'm looking at approximately 1200 calories right here. I still give myself a 300 calorie cushion though, just in case I want a Starbucks or something.

I begin my exercise regimen today because I signed up to do the AIDS Run/Walk on the May 19th. It's a 10k (6 mile) stretch, so I wanna be able to at least finish. I'm not saying I'm gonna be the fastest one, but I wanna be decent, you know what I mean.

I'll tell ya I how I do.

peace... md


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